Seven Inch Alex (ivyvigne) wrote in mass_gay_boys,
Seven Inch Alex

Come be a part of UMB's Drag Benefit Show on May 6th!

Compete with other schools and amateurs from across the state at UMass Boston's Second Annual Drag Benefit Show!!!

Are you a student or amateur drag king or queen that would like to compete? Email us at by April 21st and let us who you are, if you are performing as part of a school group or solo, how many people are in the group and also if you know what song you are performing that would also be helpful to know at that time.

If you are a professional drag performer you can be part of the show too! We could use some impartial judges to help us and who better than the stars themselves! Its all for a good cause and it'll be a whole lot of fun. If you would like to donate your time we would love to have you so please email us so we can work out details. We may also have some spots available for you to perform during the show!

Are you an expert on kings or queens drag makeup? Do you have some time to donate to teaching students and anyone else interested the secrets of drag? Please email us and let us know when you are available in the weeks before the 6th.

Are you part of an organization interested in sponsoring this event? Tables will be available at the event as well as other forms of advertising. Contact us for more information.

Inman Oasis of Cambridge has generously donated gifts for our winners.

Our charity for this years drag benefit will be decided next week.

So come and show your stuff! Invite your friends! Support a local charity! Have some fun on a Wednesday night!

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